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Troubleshoot The Problem That The Refrigerated Display Lighting Does Not Turn On

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People rely on the clothes cabinet to rely on the lights. The decorative function of the commercial freezer lighting makes the commercial freezer more beautiful and looks more advanced;Refrigerated display lighting and the alarm function is that when the temperature of the commercial freezer is too low,Refrigerated display lighting too high or malfunctions, it will send out a signal light to remind Users should pay attention to the temperature changes of the commercial freezer or the malfunction of the commercial freezer to repair it in time,Refrigerated display lighting which can make the food that we refrigerate and freeze in the commercial freezer safer and more assured.

In a normal working commercial refrigerator,Refrigerated display lighting suddenly the light does not turn on and the compressor stops. The reason may be that the compressor stops running due to the action of the thermostat,Refrigerated display lighting and the light may be damaged or have poor contact. Check whether the filament is burned out, whether the lamp holder is in good contact,Refrigerated display lighting and whether the light switch is faulty,Refrigerated display lighting and take corresponding measures.

The second situation may be that the power plug is loose or touched by other objects,Refrigerated display lighting causing a sudden power failure. Just fix the plug. It may also be due to a sudden power outage in the room,Refrigerated display lighting which can be confirmed by checking whether other lights in the room have power.

If there are no other faults,Refrigerated display lighting the compressor should be able to start immediately, and when the door is opened,Refrigerated display lighting the lighting in the box will also be on. If the new fuse is blown after plugging in the power supply, it means that the circuit system is faulty. Check whether there is a short circuit in the circuit,Refrigerated display lighting and check the starting relay, thermal protection relay, thermostat,Refrigerated display lighting motor and compressor one by one to eliminate malfunction.

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