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Introduction To The Outer Cover Of T8 Tube Light

Outer Cover Of T8 Tube Light-News Cover

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The outer covers are basically PC covers,T8 tube light and basically no glass covers are used. They are all made of PC pellets (chemical name: polycarbonate) and then mixed with diffusion powder. The PC cover can be divided into transparent cover,T8 tube light transparent striped cover,T8 tube light diffused striped cover (our company called: thick striped cover),T8 tube light and milky white diffused cover according to the light transmittance. Transparent cover: Gu Ming thought,T8 tube light the transparent cover is a transparent PC cover. The lamp tube made of this cover can see the lamp beads,T8 tube light which is very dazzling and easily dizzy,T8 tube light and does not meet the human requirements for light. The light transmission performance is good,T8 tube light and the light transmission rate can reach 91%.

Transparent striped cover: This kind of cover is a semi-transparent cover,T8 tube light which can diffuse the light,T8 tube light but the light is not uniform enough and will not dazzle the eyes. The light transmittance is about 88%. Diffusion stripe cover: also called thick stripe cover, the light transmittance of this kind of shell is about 86%,T8 tube light the product made of this shell does not seem to have the feeling of dark area,T8 tube light and the influence of dark area is cleverly avoided. Milky white diffuser: This cover is also used by most manufacturers on the market. The general light transmittance of this housing is 83-85%;T8 tube light the light transmittance below 83 is completely invisible to the light spot of the lamp beads.

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