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Dragon Boat Festival

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Today we would not talk about LED lightings. Today is a holiday for us and our workshop is closed, no led lightings are produced.

Today is The Dragon Boat Festival in China. This is a traditional Chinese holiday that has been celebrated for centuries. In Chinese, it is known as the Duan Wu Festival.

The origins of the festival are kind of fuzzy. There are a few different origin stories, the most popular of which is that the festival commemorates an ancient Chinese poet named Qu Yuan.

Qu Yuan was not just a poet, but also an advisor to the State of Chu during the Warring States Period. Jealous officials falsely accused him of conspiracy to have him expelled from court, and he was subsequently exiled.

Long story short, Qu Yuan committed suicide on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month by jumping into the Miluo River. The local people believed him to be an honorable man. They searched for him in boats along the river, throwing rice balls into the water for the fish to eat so they wouldn’t eat the poet’s body…

So the traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival is zongzi that is called rice dumpling in English.

The rice dumplings are made from rice, meat, salted egg, sausage, etc. They need to be placed in the refrigerator or freezer. So in China, you can find rice dumplings every supermarket in the refrigerated display cabinets.

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