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LED Light is Environmentally Friendly (1)

You will be more environmentally friendly when you use LED technology.
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LEDs reduce CO2 emissions

LED lights consume little energy and less energy is required to manufacture them, so CO2 emissions are reduced – a decisive advantage for the environment. Estimates assume a CO2 saving of over 1.8 tons of CO2 per year for individual companies in Germany. The switch to LED lights ensures a better ecological footprint and has a positive effect on the greenhouse effect. The latter is responsible for the observable consequences of global warming, such as rising sea levels, natural disasters and much more. You will therefore be more environmentally friendly when you use LED technology.

LEDs have a long lifespan

The service life of LED lights is many times longer than that of conventional light sources. For example, the light-emitting diodes last 20 to 80 times longer than light bulbs, 10 to 40 times longer than halogens and up to 4 times longer than fluorescent lamps. Depending on the product, the service life can reach 15,000 to 100,000 hours, which corresponds approximately to periods of 5 to 30 years . Here you will find another practical overview of the respective lamp service life:

LEDs require little maintenance

Thanks to the long service life, LED products need to be replaced less often. Accordingly, the numbers for production and disposal are also falling. Less energy is used for production, less CO2 is emitted and the environment is less polluted. With LEDs, there are no replacement and maintenance costs for you over the entire service life , so that you have to invest less time and money than with traditional light sources.


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