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How to choose the right color temperature?

Compared Color Temerature

1. What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a unit of measurement that expresses the color content of light. Let’s assume that
there is a pure black object (an absolute black body) that absorbs all the heat that falls on it, and at the same time releases all the energy generated by the heat as “light”, which takes on different colors at different temperatures.

After being heated, a black body gradually changes from black to red, yellow, white, and finally emits blue light. When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the black body is called the color temperature at this temperature, and the measurement unit is “K” (Kelvin). Therefore, in a nutshell, color temperature refers to the color of light.


The color temperature of the sun’s rays is also constantly changing. For example, the color temperature of the sun before sunrise is blue, the color temperature after sunrise is orange, the color temperature at noon is white, and the color temperature at night is yellow, etc..The cause of the change in the color of sunlight is mainly due to the reflection of the atmosphere, rather than a substantial change in the temperature of the sun.


Absolute Black Body Model
Absolute Black Body Model

2,How to calculate the color temperature?

       If the light emitted by a certain light source has the same spectral component as the light emitted by a black body at a certain temperature, it is called a certain (K) color temperature. For example, the color of the light emitted by a 100W light bulb is the same as the color of an absolute blackbody at 2527°C. Then the color temperature of the light emitted by this light bulb is: (2527+273) K = 2800K.

3,Common Color Temperatures:

        Different light sources have different color temperatures. Common color temperatures in our lives:

1700 K: Match light

1850 K: Candle

2700 K~3300K: Tungsten lamp (incandescent lamp)

3000 k: Halogen lamp and yellow fluorescent lamp

3350 K: Studio “CP” light

3400 K: Studio lamps, photographic floodlights

4100 K: Moonlight

5000 K: Horizon daylight

5500 K: Typical daylight, electronic flash

6420 K: Xenon arc lamp

6500 K: The most common color temperature of white light fluorescent lamps

9300 K: TV screen

Color Temerature

We can see that: the higher the color temperature, the cooler the light; the lower the color temperature, the warmer the light.

1. Usually what we call warm white light is light with a color temperature of 2000k-3200K;

2. Neutral white refers to light with a color temperature of 4000K-4600K;

3. Positive white light refers to light with a color temperature of 6000K-6000K;

4. Cold white light refers to light with a color temperature of 7000K-8000K.

4,The effect /role of color temperature

           Different color temperatures create different atmospheres and give people different psychological feelings.

1、  When the color temperature is less than 3300K, the light is mainly red, giving people a warm, cozy and harmonious feeling;

2、  When the color temperature is 3300-6000K, it gives people a feeling of peace, comfort and stability;

3、  When the color temperature is above 6000K, blue light accounts for a large proportion, which can give people a calm, cool, and cold feeling. It can remind people of ice cubes, blue sky, dawn, etc., and is suitable for expressing freshness, melancholy, Tranquil scene atmosphere;

4、  In addition, when the color temperature difference in a space is too large and the contrast is too strong, it is easy to cause people to adjust their pupils frequently, which will cause visual fatigue and mental fatigue.

5,How to choose the correct color temperature of lamps in life?

l  The main function of a functional living room is to receive guests. The lighting requirements are bright and warm, mostly neutral light, and the color temperature is controlled at around 3500~4000K;

l  The lighting in the bedroom needs to be warm and private to achieve emotional relaxation before going to sleep, so warm light sources are preferred. The color temperature should be controlled at around 2700~3500K (warm white light), which not only meets the lighting conditions, but also creates a warm and romantic atmosphere;

l  The restaurant is an important eating area in the home, and a comfortable experience is very important. It is best to choose warm colors in the lighting selection of restaurants, because psychologically speaking, eating under warm-colored lights is more appetizing. Therefore, it is best to choose a color temperature of 3500~4000k, which will not make the food too distorted, but also create a warm dining atmosphere;

l  The study room is a place for reading, writing or working. It needs a quiet and calm feeling, and lighting with too warm colors cannot be used. However, the study is also a place where your eyes need to be used for a long time. Too high a color temperature can easily cause visual fatigue. It is recommended that the color temperature be controlled around 4000~5500K, neither too warm nor too cold;

l  Kitchen lighting should take into account recognition. It is better to use fluorescent lamps that can maintain the original colors of vegetables, fruits, and meat. The color temperature is controlled between 5500 and 6500K, which not only makes the dishes attractive in color, but also helps cooks have higher discrimination during washing;

l    The bathroom is a place that we use very frequently. At the same time, because of its special functionality, the light should not be too dark or too distorted to facilitate us to observe our physical condition. It is recommended that the light color temperature is 4000-4500K.


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