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The waterproof and maintenance about refrigerator lighting

This post will tell you the waterproof and maintenance about refrigerator lighting.
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Originally, refrigerated / frozen showcases tend to be in a high humidity environment. Recently, there are showcases with a function to keep the humidity, but basically it dries gradually like a refrigerator for home use, so the influence of humidity is not so much at all times.

However, condensation and frost are likely to occur due to touch with the outside air when products are taken in and out, they touch with the outside air. Because of that, the refrigerated / frozen display showcases prone to condensation and frost. The frost that adheres to the inside of the case is regularly raised to 40 to 45 degrees to melt the ice for maintenance. At that time, the waterproof function is important. As for the basics of LED lighting selection, it is important to select the LED lighting that has passed the IP test and water cannot enter. And easy to maintain is also important. The display showcase needs to be kept clean. In other words, the lightings inside need to be cleaned, so the design of the freezer LED lighting which is uneasy to collect dust and easy to wipe is better.


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