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Why does Cold Room/storage Lighting Needed

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Common lighting lamps have many defects when used in cold room/storage, such as: large power consumption, low illuminance, short life, poor sealing, which will cause air leakage and freezing of water in the cold storage lamp. Once a large amount of accumulated water freezing can cause short circuits and potentially food safety hazards. In addition, common lighting lamps are prone to cracking and damage when used in low-temperature environments.

Before the advent of cold storage lamps, cold storage lighting mostly used ordinary incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps with a moisture-proof lampshade, or replaced with explosion-proof lamps. With ordinary incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and a moisture-proof lampshade, this kind of configuration has a very high frequency of damage in the low-temperature cold storage. Even just can be used only a few days. There are also some large cold storages with a height of more than ten meters. Incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps don’t fit. Because the brightness is not enough, ordinary lamps cannot replace special lamps for cold storage.

The LED cold storage lamp solves these problems. The cold storage lamp can be used for a long time in the low temperature environment b, and has a long life. It has the characteristics of “moisture proof”, “dust proof”, “explosion proof” and “low temperature resistance”, and the illumination is uniform and emits light at low temperatures. It can be said that the LED cold storage lamp is a typical environmentally friendly, healthy and promising cold storage lighting source product, and it is one of the good choice of current light sources.

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