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Unilumin Attended ISE And Received Clients’ Praise

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May 10-13, Barcelona, Spain, Unilumin participated in ISE, a worldwide renowned exhibition, and held an attention-grabbing Metasight press conference.

Leading in the light & display industry, Unilumin opened the conference with “Hello Metasight, together for a brighter future” as the theme and put forward the concept of Metasight. Unilumin presented and highlighted the technological integration of LED lighting and display and the bright future of light & display ecology.

Based on the needs of clients, Unilumin shared its insight into the inevitable industry trend of integrating LED lighting and display. Based on seven light & display application scenarios, Unilumin launched the integrated solutions of hardware + system + software + content + interactive light & display.

At this press conference, the cutting-edge technical solutions and innovative development concepts captivated the audience. The concept of Metasight put forward by Unilumin also received passionate responses and attention from clients, industry peers, global media, and the public.

Benda Magnetic, as one of many clients said at the conference that the productive integration of light and display would double or even multiply their business: “In the past, our business size may only be $10 million, but through integration, we can not only expand our new business scenarios but also improve the depth of our projects. I believe that our business size will have the opportunity to reach $50 million.”

We’re professional manufacture of LED lightings for commercial refrigeration/ under shelf/ cabinet system. In order to serve customers better, our company keeps learning from these good companies and is also constantly trying to innovate, trying to introduce new products or adding new functions.

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