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The Working Principle Of T8 Tube Light

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The fluorescent tube is filled with low-pressure argon or argon-neon mixed gas and mercury vapor. The inner surface of the glass fluorescent tube is coated with a layer of phosphorous fluorescent paint,T8 tube light and both ends of the tube are provided with filament coils made of tungsten.

When the power is turned on,T8 tube light the current passes through the filament to heat and release electrons. The electrons will turn the gas in the tube into plasma and increase the current in the tube. When the voltage between the two sets of filaments exceeds a certain value,T8 tube light the tube will start to produce The discharge causes the mercury vapor to emit 253.7nm and 185nm wavelengths of ultraviolet light. The phosphorous fluorescent paint on the inner surface of the fluorescent tube absorbs ultraviolet light and emits longer-wavelength visible light. The color of the emitted light is controlled by the proportion of phosphorous components,T8 tube light and the glass tube prevents harmful ultraviolet rays and other harmful substances such as mercury from leaking out.

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