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The Merit Of LED Lighting in Refrigerating Or Freezing Case

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If the refrigerating / freezing case is not lit, there is only the base lighting of the store, so the products in the case will not stand out, and in some cases it will be invisible or the original color will not be known. In other words, by lighting the case, the products are clearly recognized, and the merit is that they look more delicious and look better.

Fluorescent lamps are greatly affected by brightness due to temperature, so in recent years, fluorescent lamps are replaced by LED lighting gradually. The LED lighting has become compact, power saving, and the color and brightness, and light distribution are various. As the basic functions required, first of all, durability in low temperature range and waterproof function against dew condensation etc. are required.

There are two other types of illumination: one that illuminates pinpoint with sharp light (with a transparent cover) and one that illuminates a wide range with soft light (with a milky white cover). You can choose various light colors according to the product you want to illuminate.

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