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The Development Trend Of The Global LED Lighting Industry

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From the perspective of demand distribution in the global LED lighting industry, home lighting accounts for more than 20% and is the most widely used. Followed by industrial and outdoor lighting, both are around 18%.

According to the latest data from LEDinside, in 2020, China still be the world’s largest LED lighting market, and Europe is tied with China, followed by North America. China, Europe, and North America account for more than 60% of the global LED lighting market, with a high regional concentration.

In view of the current status of global LED lighting development, the global LED lighting industry will generally pick up, and the penetration rate will increase. From the perspective of market segments, the expanded application of outdoor and commercial lighting is a new growth point in the LED lighting market; from the perspective of regional distribution, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region will still occupy the world’s largest market share in a short period of time.

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