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Several Series Of Our LED Lightings Successfully Passed UL Certification

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Congratulations to some of our company’s products successfully passed UL certification! The products list is as below:

Passed UL certification: SPU、SPU-VC、LBF、LBF-VC、SNK、SFT、CNP, and passed CUL and UL certification: LBS. They are all the Series name of our LED lightings. Among these products, SNK Series includes refrigerated display lighting and shelf lighting, and the others are all refrigerated lightings.

Now let’s learn something about UL and CUL certification.

Established with sponsorship by an organization of fire underwriters in 1894, in the wake of a major fire at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, UL is a non-profit testing laboratory and the standards body most recognized in the U.S. It examines and tests devices, systems and materials to determine their relation to hazards to life and property, and publishes standards and certifications.

UL standards aim to remove risks of fire and electric shock caused by electric products.

UL standards relate to six technical sectors: (1) electrical engineering; (2) fire prevention; (3) anti-theft and alarms; (4) heating and air conditioning; (5) injuries and chemical injuries; and (6) shipping engineering.

UL standards certification includes listing certification and recognition certification.

Listing certification is generally of an end product, while recognition certification is for parts included within a product.

The United States and Canada have a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) providing for the recognition of certifications by the other. When a product is certified by UL based on Canadian standards (CSA standards), the certification mark for the said product will be the C-UL mark, meaning conformity to CSA standards.

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