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PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc. (Pangea), the nation’s leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting, today announced its attendance at the Benzinga Cannabis Conference on April 20-21, 2022, in Miami. On the heels of the company’s roll-up merger announcement, Chairman and CEO Bryan Fried will debut the company’s open-architecture, fully wireless LED lighting SaaS platform as a featured speaker on April 21.

“Pangea’s presence at Benzinga is to educate how our new SaaS platform enables a growing operation’s speed-to-market with their own manufacturing, technology integration and customization options,” says David Fried, Senior Vice President at Pangea. “It is imperative for cannabis cultivators to partner with experienced smart AgTech innovators that can produce fully customized, scalable, energy-efficient and automated lighting products, resulting in consistent grow yields for medical-grade or recreational cannabis or hemp end-user products.”

Pangea’s open-architecture, wireless lighting platform enables the creation of Smart Environments, automation, data reporting and third-party device connectivity. Many current project applications include automated horticulture farming, energy monitoring and reporting, privatized Wi-Fi, video integration and analytics, audio threat detection, air quality sensors and controls, large scale utility controls for factories and distribution centers, moisture sensors and controls, CO2 and temperature sensors and controls, soil sensors, and par sensors with Apogee quantum meters. The truly wireless system connects up to 3,000+ fixtures on a single gateway, with no wiring between light fixtures, granting full wireless control of individual light fixtures and pre-set zones while gathering data and generating real-time reporting.

“The Pangea SaaS, integrated with our LED lighting hardware products, achieved significant energy cost savings for numerous national horticulture clients,” says Fried. “For HMP Brands, the largest hemp farm in Utah, the platform cut costs and collected the data required for HMP to receive $537,000 worth of on-bill financing rebates from the local utility – up 63% from the initial rebate of $336,000.”

Pangea recently completed research on a device that resulted in a major technology breakthrough – customers can retroactively add the Pangea platform to any LED lighting product post-installation, allowing every lighting fixture the potential to be Pangea compatible.

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