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Haier Commercial Refrigerators Lead The Eight Major Industry Fresh Storage Trends

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On October 27th, the 2022 Haier Refrigeration Industry Global Summit officially kicked off with the theme of “New Journey, Freshness and Waiting”. At the scene, Haier Commercial Refrigerators focused on the new trend of the current food structure upgrade. By launching 11 series of 98 new products, it created eight scenarios such as hotel and catering, supermarket convenience, farming and fresh food, and special economy, leading the new direction of the industry’s future development.

With the rapid development of the national economy, consumers are pursuing more and more kinds of food materials. Beverages, dairy products, aquatic products, and quick-frozen foods have become indispensable in dietary life. While this brings opportunities to major merchants, it also presents new challenges: how can the storage temperature of different ingredients vary, how can we achieve professional and safe fresh storage?

In this regard, Haier commercial refrigerators have built different volume segments and series of products, including display cabinets, low-temperature display cabinets, fresh meat cabinets, combined island cabinets, rich seafood cabinets, and cryogenic refrigerators, through in-depth interaction with users. -150°C to 55°C cold chain temperature is fully covered, creating the best freezing and preservation experience. For example, for high-end seafood, deep-freezers can be kept fresh through -60℃ deep-freezing and quick-freezing; for fine meats, the fresh meat cabinets are precisely controlled at -10℃ and no nutrition is lost; while display cabinets are 0-10℃ for beverages and room temperature. The quality of snacks and other storage needs is guaranteed.

In addition to ensuring full coverage of the cold chain temperature, Haier commercial refrigerators also focus on the market segments of eight major industries, and comprehensively consider different factors such as the effect of freezing preservation, space utilization, ease of use, and appearance to achieve the realization of hotel catering, supermarkets and supermarkets. Convenience, fresh farming, special economy and other different scenarios are fully covered, providing exclusive refrigeration chain preservation services, leading the industry into the era of scenario-based upgrades.

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