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China Makes Plans To Develop Cold Chain Logistics Network

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China has announced a plan to build a cold chain logistics network by 2025 that connects production and sales areas, covers urban and rural regions, as well as connects domestic and international trade.

China’s two cold chain logistics systems will serve domestic production and sales, in addition to international import and export. In order to do that, the country plans to build intensive facilities, invest in effective transportation and ensure high-quality services.

The Asian nation will build four ‘horizontal’ cold chain logistics channels in the north (Shandong, Shaanxi, Tibet, Yangtze River) and in the south. Also, four ‘vertical’ cold chain logistics channels will be built in the west (Guangdong, Guangxi, Beijing, Hubei, Fujian), as well as eastern coastal areas in a complementary fashion.

Both the horizontal and vertical national channels will have internal and external connections.

China’s 14th five-year plan relies on the China-ASEAN multimodal transport alliance to enhance the combined transportation capabilities of the cold chain logistics network and expand the new western land-sea channel, the sea-rail combined transportation, the international rail combined transportation, and establish a cross-border highway shuttle.

The ‘14th Five-Year Plan for Cold Chain Logistics Development’, recently issued by China’s General Office of the State Council requires leveling-up the technical equipment, improving supervision and guarantee mechanisms, and accelerating the establishment of a modern cold chain logistics system that is smooth, efficient, safe, environmentally-friendly, well-thought and convenient to its users.

The aim is to establish a cold chain logistics apparatus that meets China’s modern national conditions, paying close attention to the country’s industrial structure while also attending to economic and social development needs.

The systems that are already in place have significantly improved the ability and efficiency to regulate the cross-season supply and demand of agricultural products, while also supporting the cross-regional circulation of cold chain products.

Companies related to the cold chain include Hairong Cold Chain, Aucma, Bingshan Cold and Hot, Changhong Meiling, Jingxue Energy, China Grain Stream, China Railway Special Cargo, Highly Co., Ltd. and other listed companies. Some of them are customers of our company, and we provide LED lights to their commercial refrigerators.

Looking forward to the successful completion of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

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