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2021 Refrigerated Display Cabinet Brand Reputation List Released

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2021 refrigerated display cabinet brand reputation list released, Aucma wins the championship again.

On November 18th, the Chinese Brand Reputation Index Project jointly launched by Guotong Big Data, China Trademark Association, Industrial Culture Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Homepage Big Data, etc. released the “2021 Refrigerated Display Cabinet Brand Reputation Research Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”)

The report analyzes the 48.04 million pieces of data collected in the current period from 6 dimensions including brand awareness, consumer interaction, corporate reputation, quality recognition, product praise, and brand health. A total of 20 brands were selected on the word-of-mouth list of major brands in the market.

In terms of the total word-of-mouth index, Aucma continued to rank first in the year, and Haier and Midea ranked second and third respectively. Aucma, Haier, Midea, Commander-in-Chief, Meiling, Xingxing, Lechuang, Huamei, and Xinfei have performed steadily in the past two periods, and the total word-of-mouth index ranks in the top ten. Snow has a strong performance in the total word-of-mouth index this period, and it has been promoted to the top ten.

In terms of brand awareness, Haier ranked first in the brand awareness list.

As a professional manufacturer of led lights for refrigeration/under shelf/cabinet system, the refrigerated display cabinet makers as above are our important customers. Hope they have good growth every year and and our led lightings make a contribution to them.

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