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The Ceremony feeling of Women’s Day

Laidishine sended care and blessings to all the women in the company on the Women's Day.

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On March 8th, Women’s Day, Laidishine sended care and blessings to all the women in the company. Many women forget the special holiday that belongs to them in their daily busy work. I believed that they would be very happy after receiving their blessings.

Festival flowers

In the morning, administrative staff represented the company gave everyone flowers. The smile was on everyone’s face. Then, the office was filled with laughter and joy. All the women Expressed gratitude for Laidishine’s care. Finally, We women took group photos. In the afternoon, Another wave of surprises was coming. Our administrative staff prepared afternoon tea for everyone, It was surprising and touching. I Believed in an environment with love, Everyone would work hard, Making the company better and better.

group photo

Although this activity is simple, its significance is extraordinary. Not only, Pull in the relationship between the company and employees. but also Employees can feel love and care. Wishing all women a happy holiday!

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