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Sanjiang Supermarket Uses Our LED Lightings To Replace

Sanjiang Supermarket Uses Our LED Lightings-News Cover

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Sanjiang Shopping Club is a China-based company mainly engaged in the operation of supermarkets, innovative stores and small-scale stores. The Company mainly conducts its businesses in Zhejiang Province, China with Ningbo as its main market, and Sanjiang is a well-known brand in local. Sanjiang supermarket is a member of this group, it mainly provides food, fresh food, grain and oil, daily necessities, etc. Since it established, it’s 25 years now.

This month, we began to support the supermarket to replace the lightings in refrigerated and freezer display cabinets from fluorescent lamp to our LED tubes. According to the specifications of the cabinets, we recommended the SPU-VC that is a kind of tube vertically used in the glass door. Good optical lens technology makes SPU-VC’s freezer lighting in the vertical direction a perfect display effect, which can bring the most realistic color presentation to the food showed in the cabinets.

From the pictures of before and after, you can also clearly see and feel the difference in brightness.

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