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Inventory Count 2023

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Recently, the company organised a large-scale inventory count activity, which was successfully concluded after two days of inventory.
The purpose of this inventory count

  1. To find out the usability degree of each item and material assets, in order to achieve the purpose of effective use of assets.
  2. 2. To check whether the number of existing stock and the number recorded in the accounts are consistent, in order to grasp the accuracy of the company’s assets.
  3. Discover and deal with defective products, and stagnant products.
  4. Inventory count can promote internal management and communication. Through data exchange and analysis in the process of inventory count, different departments can better coordinate and cooperate with each other to optimise the allocation of resources and improve the overall operational efficiency of the enterprise.
    Summary: The departments cooperate very efficiently, the products are well stocked and the ratio of defective products is low; The inventory count is successfully completed.

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