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Cold Room LED Lightings For Customer From South America

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A batch of 720 PCS cold room LED lightings which named CRT for customers from South America are ready to be shipped.

The cold room light of CRT is suitable for temperature -25℃-10℃. It is covered by all-plastic material which can prevent condensation water from the lamp body. And the waterproof level is IP69K, which is the highest standard on the Ingress Protection rating scale. The lamp cap is used with a special process and sealed to avoid thermal expansion and contraction. The design of the lamp body is smooth, so it is easy to clean but not easy to accumulate dust. And so on, it’s easy to install.

As mentioned above, if you choose our cold room light-CRT, it can help you save labour costs, save maintenance time and save energy.

At present, our cold room lights are used in the cold storage for fresh food, vegetables and fruits, cooled/frozen food, or the delivery centre of supermarkets and online shopping platforms.

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