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LED Lightings for cold storage/cold room greatly save energy and maintenance costs and improves visibility. Led lightings are used more and more in cold storage/cold room.

Cold storage construction has also received a massive boost from increasing demand for various pharmaceutical products, including new COVID-19 vaccines, which require cold storage for storage and distribution. Driven by evolving consumer habits, industries such as pharmaceutical and food & beverage are facing high requirement of cold storage units for keeping items at cool or ultra-low temperatures. While cold storage facilities have been reporting high demand prior to COVID-19, the pandemic has played a pivotal role in accelerating cold storage development activity. COVID-19 vaccines remain one of the primary drivers of the cold storage demand in various countries. Some of the newly developed and prospective vaccines must be kept at sub-zero temperatures. The need to store and distribute vaccines at ultra-low temperature settings to maintain their efficacy and avoid spoilage has pushed the development of new cold storage units. For instance, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is maintained at an ultra-low temperature of around minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit, while Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine is kept at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Offered frozen at minus 13 degree F to 5 degree F, the Moderna vaccine is required to be kept at very low temperature till its expiry date. On the other hand, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is offered frozen at minus 112 degree F to minus 76 degrees F.

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